About Us

Products for enjoyable wine and food moments
Welcome to Ceestashop. We are a Finnish family company called Ceesta Oy and we are passionate about good food, cooking and enjoying delicious food and wine together with great friends and family. We want you to be able todo the same by offering you in our shop chosen high quality wine and champagne glasses, wine and kitchen accessories. For enjoyable wine and food moments you need the right tools, equipment and ingredients. We have chosen for you selected food and deli products from small Italian, French, Spanish as well as from producers from some other countries who love and feel passionate about their products. We only choose products we like ourselves and products we can proudly serve to our friends and family. 
We are specialized in wine and champagne and we want to help you to store, serve and enjoy wines in the best possible way. We organize every spring an international champagne event called Grand Champagne Helsinki, that is among one of the biggest event in the world focusing just on champagne. Every autumn we host the wine event for top wine called Grand Vin Helsinki.
Our customers are home chefs, food and wine enthusiasts and specialists, restaurants, bars, cafeterias and retailers. Our food and gourmet products can be found on shelves in well equipped grocery stores and supermarkets as well as in deli and specialist stores. You can find our own store in Helsinki near Töölöntori. We deliver our products to the Nordic countries and other European markets. If you have some questions, if you can not find what you are looking for or if you want to become reseller, please contact our customer service. We help you with pleasure.